Friday, November 30, 2007


My four-year-old has just figured out how to truly use a computer independently. She uses the trackpad on my laptop fairly well. She can now choose videos to watch and play games on the preschool websites we open for her.

Neither my husband nor I did any direct instruction on using a computer. A while back her grandparents had a child-sized mouse and keyboard for her and probably taught her some things. But it's been a while since she was using them. However, she's sees us on the computer frequently (most likely too frequently) and has played games with us controlling things for a while now.

She's not even four and a half and I'm wondering when she'll get her first email address. How long before she joins social networking sites? When will we she begin shopping online? Will she have a blog soon? I'm excited and terrified by the possibilities.

Her grandparents are getting her an XO laptop for Christmas. I can't wait to see what she figures out how to do on it. Learning new technology is a challenge for me, just as learning a new language would be. However, at four it comes easily.

This has re-energized me about using technology with my students. Her ability to pick it up so quickly has reminded me that my students are capable of learning and utilizing technology as well. We'll be in the lap next week.


slouching mom said...

It's amazing, isn't it?

Jack, at five, knows how to download and install free trials.

Frightening, no?

Michaele said...

Perhaps it's generational- my mother was amazed that I could operate her record player, film strip projector, reel-to-reel projector, and when the time came, vcr in her classroom so many years ago.

When I get new kindergarten students, I'm always pleased with the ones who see computers as additional tools, not replacements to storytime, play-doh, painting, coloring, and building.

I'm looking forward to seeing what my toddler will be using for his information-gathering in the years to come!