Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Testing Classroom

This may not look awful to an outsider, but it is painful to me. All of our hard work and learning throughout the year has to be covered up for the state test.


Tom said...

The SOL rules ...

1. You will not be taking a test.

2. The room you will not be taking the test in will not have any signs that it may in any way be used for instruction.

3. You will not be using methods common to the 21st Century (writing non-test specific).

4. The teacher that has been instructing you all year will be issuing you the test you will not be taking.

5. That teacher cannot answer any questions.

6. After the test you are not taking is over, you may not talk about the test you did not take.

7. You did not take this test.

8. You will get the results, even though you cannot recall taking the test.

9. The results you will receive will determine the outcome of your high school career as well as the school's ability to teach the subject further.

10. The items that were on the test you did not take will not be made available so that teachers can prepare students for these tests that are not given and therefore improve scores.

Ugh. Two days of EOC: Writing. Talk about a pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

UGH. I hate the state testing rules. It makes me twitch when I see my walls covered with ugly butcher paper, covering anything that could POSSIBLY give a hint on the test. RIdiculous.

splatypus said...

UGH! Those pictures are so depressing... I bet your kids can't wait to yank that paper down.

Tim said...

Your pictures are a stark statement about our educational system (in general, not just our district).

It's sad when we have to assess student learning in complete isolation. Especially since most of their real learning comes primarily from collaboration with adults and other kids. They aren't even allowed to use work they've produced themselves!

Stacey from TWT said...

Oh the joy of tests. What state are you in?

Jenny said...

Tom: Thanks for making me laugh and want to cry at the same time.

Stacey: I'm in Virginia.

Reading everyone's comments has made me feel better, in that I don't feel alone.

Ms. Longhorn said...

Such a waste of paper... my walls looked like they had green wallpaper with all the butcher paper I had to put up to cover stuff.. these testing rules are getting ridiculous!!!

Marsha said...

Hum...I am from Iowa and we do not cover our rooms up...seems kinda strange to me, we are not allowed to put new things up, but what's up can stay...I watched the kids, they were focused on the test...not the clues around the room seems like a waste of time.

Poor_Statue said...

I have that same sudoku poster in my room! I hate having to tear apart the room for testing.

Anonymous said...


This will make you laugh, and cry. It really is depressing to see all of your work covered up. I agree with the idea of testing in theory, but it really is undermining what we teach them all year: that everything takes time to get it right. Suddenly, we are saying, "You have no time. Finish it NOW!"