Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who's the Boss?

We went on a field trip yesterday (my first one with first grade) and it was wonderful. I have more to share but at the moment I just need to tell about one small incident.

We went to see a puppet show. As it began I was chatting quietly with another teacher. My little prince looked at me and shushed me. The shushing was absurd coming from him, since he can never keep his mouth closed. But it was cute.

Then he looked at me, took two fingers to point at his eyes and then pointed at me. HE'S going to keep an eye on ME? I love it!

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Brittney Kaye said...

Haha! That's cute....we do that motion alot w/ our kids at school and it's always funny when they do it to you! :) BTW...cute blog, I enjoy reading it!