Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Different World

I know many of my students live in poverty.
I know many of my students' parents work minimum wage jobs.
I know many of my students have second hand clothes.
I know many of my students get holiday gifts from the Salvation Army.
I know many of my students don't have winter coats.
I know many of my students live with multiple families.
I really do know all of this.

However, it still hurt yesterday when a little one was sharing a foam snowflake she had decorated and made into an ornament. The kids asked her about it and she said, "My mom, on my birthday last year, couldn't get me a present so she got me this now."

She was so matter-of-fact about not getting a present on her birthday. She was so excited about this foam snowflake. I hurt for her and was so amazed by her.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my class. Parents do the best they can. Usually that is enough for kids. Materialism aside, you can do a lot worse than being loved by your parents.

Launa Hall said...

Wow, thanks for this reminder and this insight.

Teacher Tom said...

Darn it. I wasn't going to cry today.

Shelf Elf said...

I teach in such a priviliged community, but I did my practicum teaching in an "inner city" school. There were so many moments like this that I remember from that experience. Some kids have so much to accept, and they do it with grace.