Thursday, January 14, 2010

Student Teaching & Learning

Our class has an intern (long-term student teacher) for this semester. As a general rule there are things I love about having an intern and things that drive me a bit crazy.

- I love having another set of competent hands.
- I love having someone else who knows my students well.
- I love being forced to think about and explain why I do what I do.
- I love (mostly) having to be my best teacher self all the time (no slacking off).

- I miss having a bit of me time.
- I never like any extra paperwork.

Obviously the positives far outweigh any of my frustrations. This current intern is a career changer and not a young-un. I think this is one of the reasons she is comfortable jumping in, getting to know the kids quickly, and asking lots of questions. I love the questions! I'm always worried that I'm spending my time explaining the wrong things. I also really appreciate another perspective on the students and on the constant choices I make as a teacher.

I hope she is learning a lot in our classroom because I always learn and grow when I work with an intern.


Teacher Tom said...

I teach every day with between 7 and 11 parents in the room with me. There is nothing like having other adults in the room to focus a teacher. I love that I can never slack off.

Jim said...

When I student taught, I had to do it in 4 different schools. Two said I was the best thing ever, one hated me and one seemed to just shake her head and wonder if I'd ever get it but was at least nice about it. I guess I learned I wasn't really great or really terrible, so it was good to have multiple perspectives. I haven't had an intern myself and wonder how I'd take it. Interesting thoughts, thanks.

Launa Hall said...

I'm glad to hear that the pro list is a little longer than the con list! I will be interning next semester, and I will strive to be the kind of intern who helps instead of hinders.