Thursday, August 05, 2010

No Words

For the past eight years we've been on a modified calendar. This week should have been our first week with the kids. Instead, it's been a roller coaster of a week.

On Monday morning, at 10:01, two teachers at our school gave birth (yes, two teachers on the same day at the same time - we are a close staff :).

Yesterday another staff member, a parent liaison with our school for as long as I can remember, died of cancer. She's been ill for two years and those have been hard years.

As I mourn today I keep trying to remember those two new babies. The promise of their lives, the potential for all they will do in the world, the wonder of newborns. It doesn't take away the pain, but it helps.

This woman gave more to our school than any one person could be expected to do. She knew everything about our students, everything. She translated for conferences and often was able to make points, emphasize concerns, and say things we didn't feel we could say. I had a student, years ago, who lived with her after this girl's mother had died and her father could not safely care for the kids. In fact, she updated me on this previous student just last year.

When she first became ill we were all sure she would recover quickly. She was the strongest, most determined woman we knew. However, our principal was concerned about the time she would have to be away from the school. Her concern stemmed from the fact that she knew who really ran things at our school.

She will be sorely missed. Her influence, however, will live on at our school, in our students, and beyond for years to come. In my mind, she will now be our school's guardian angel.


Mamie said...

My thoughts are with you... our school lost teacher to cancer last spring, and she too left a void impossible to fill. Our kids made hundreds of paper butterflies that filled the hallways, and it was like her spirit was in them, watching over us.

Take care, have good memories.

Tracey... said...

Prayers...we had a P.E. teacher die of cancer this year too...she had been the heart and soul of our school for 23 years!

Sarah said...

Oh.... it's so hard to lose such great people in our lives...

Monica said...

oh, Jen...I am so sorry. It is so hard to fill a void like this. My thoughts are with you and your school as the new year starts. I know she will be missed.

Jill Fisch said...

My thoughts are with you.