Wednesday, November 24, 2010


For those who read this in a reader of any sort, I apologize for the past few posts. We have a blog about our daughters in order to share their lives with those family members who live far from us (or not so far) and I mistakenly posted here what should have gone there. I have removed the posts, but not before RSS feeds caught them. Honestly, I'm amazed I haven't made this mistake before.


Jill Fisch said...

I have made a similar mistake only I posted to my daughter's blog instead of my own. I have rights to her blog so I can approve the comments she receives and one day I accidentally posted to her blog. She was shocked to see my post on her blog. We did get it fixed quickly but not before it went out on subscription feeds.

Snippety Gibbet said...

My problem with feeds is that I usually post too soon. My error riddled posts are the ones that folks with feeds will read. The (hopefully) nicer versions, the ones with better grammar and spelling, come to those who click on my link from time to time. Perhaps I should ponder my need to edit earlier.

Happy holiday, friend!