Thursday, September 25, 2008

Talk Like a Pirate Day - First Grade Style

My class celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day last week. It was something of a last minute decision on my part and therefore not as well planned as it should have been. It was still great fun. We shared a few pirate jokes on our way to art first thing in the morning. Then we came back to our room to read this book:

We did some pirate math. We've been working on a basic understanding of place value; the idea of the tens place and the ones place. So we used pirate chests and gold pieces rather than more standard manipulatives for tens and ones. (It's not ideal because the chest does not clearly equal ten gold pieces the way the other manipulatives can, but it worked for the day.)

We pretended to be pirates searching for treasure on our way to the cafeteria for lunch. We were trying to be sneaky so we had to be really quiet. This worked well for most of the kids, but one of my precious friends was so excited he spent the whole walk saying, "We're sneaking pirates!" quite loudly. He was never convinced that talking was antithetical to our goal.

In the afternoon we read more pirate books:


Tracey said...

I was reading your post about RB in google reader although it doesn't show up on your blog. Great job for the principal and it's very nice to be supported!

splatypus said...

How I Became a Pirate is one of the best books ever!!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Apologies for this comment, only related to the blog by the theme.

When I was online dating years ago, I had a man try to woo me by writing in Pirate-ese. It was pretty funny, though I am not sure that was his intent.

I never got back to the guy, by the way.