Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Life Goes On (I Hope)

This morning I walked out of my classroom before the kids arrived. A friend who was walking down the hall remarked, "You look mad."

That's not good.

Today is our principal's last day. We've known she was leaving for only two weeks. Plus, the past two weeks have been a bit stressful for personal reasons so I haven't really processed her leaving.

She's only the 2nd principal I've had here in 12 years. The first was a once-in-a-lifetime principal. That principal hired this one as our AP 11 years ago. The transition from one principal to the next was as seamless as one could hope for.

This school has grown, improved, molded to the (changing) needs of our community quite a bit in those 12 years. The majority of the credit for that goes to these two women. A principal can make or break a school. They have made this one.

We are an exceptionally strong staff. I feel lucky everyday to work with these people. I know we will continue to do our best for kids and their families.

I just hope we get another principal who gives us the freedom to do so.


The Science Goddess said...

I seem to remember that someone in the building (*cough* *cough* You! *cough* *cough) was wrapping up an admin cert.

What a fortunate coincidence...especially for someone who isn't afraid of some change? :)

Sneaker Teacher said...

Why the change at this point in the year?? That seems really odd to me that the principal didn't finish out the year.

Jenny said...

@The Science Goddess Bite your tongue!

@Sneaker Teacher Actually she is retiring. Her boss is also retiring and our principal chose to go a little earlier than originally planned so that her current boss will choose her replacement. Sad as I am, I'm very grateful for that.

The Science Goddess said...

I triple dog dare you...

Sarah said...

Switching principals is always SO stressful. I hope you get someone good... Good luck with the transition!!