Friday, May 21, 2010

Moving Forward Finally

Today is the first day in several months that I've felt successful in various parts of my life. We had a fabulous field trip to the Kennedy Center to see Knuffle Bunny (more on that soon) and I feel as though I had planned things pretty well for my kids and, as the one who made the arrangements for these tickets, I felt like a success as a colleague. Then I spent the afternoon with my girls, at the playground, dinner, baths, and books. We had a wonderful time.

It felt good. For a variety of reasons I've had a feeling of failure for months now. I've felt that way in every aspect of my life (parenting, teaching, working with others, as a wife) and I'm glad to be over it (fingers crossed).

Of course, my girls are in bed but not asleep so this could all fall apart before the night is over.

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