Friday, October 01, 2010

Cue Embarassed Blush

Today was a long day. It's been raining all week. Our main hallway is being painted. It was picture day. We had a fire drill. Can you picture it?

At the end of the day I wandered down to the office while my class was in art. After chatting briefly with a few folks there I remembered the purpose of my errand. I pulled this out of my pocket:

and said, "I need batteries."

This, for the record, is a Crayola glow wand. It is used to "write with light" according to Crayola's website. I am planning to have the students practice their word wall words with it. However, that was not readily obvious to others in the office. I am not sure when I will hear the end of this.


A MilShelb Mom said...

hahahahaha!!! GREAT!

Launa Hall said...


Ian H. said...

FWIW, I recognized it straightaway, so it's not just you...