Monday, October 18, 2010

First Grade Writing

One of the first things I had to learn when I started teaching first grade two years ago was how to read their writing. I've gotten reasonably good at it, but I still have a way to go. Friends who have taught in the primary grades for years are much better at deciphering early writing than I am.

These are examples from eight of my students (ones whose names were easy to remove or were missing altogether) from the first two days of our independent writing. We started that during the second week of school. Personally, I was thrilled with the work these students were doing that early in first grade.

How much of this can you read?


The Science Goddess said...

Wow! Some of these are tough...and I can assure you that high school handwriting is not much better.

I think the first one is about a "Hammerhead" shark...but I'm afraid to tackle the "fook" part.

Other guesses...

He's about to land on Jupiter.

I like to play with my dad.

I am going to see my ? today with my boy and sister today, too.

Tomorrow I am going to ? with my sister, brother, and mom.

The 8 planets.

I play in the park.

I found a butterfly on a tree outside.

This is a girl.

I saw Hannah Montana.

I go to the beach with my doll.

Jenny said...

@The Science Goddess - Wow, you are good! In that first one 'fook' is shark. The child has some trouble with pronunciation so he is actually spelling what he hears himself saying.

You've done at least as well as I could do with these. Clearly I could learn a few things from you.

Dree said...

Pictures #4 and #5:

I am going to swimming class today with my brother and sister today. (I think the 2 after "today" is a page number.)

Tomorrow I am going to ballet (?) class tomorrow with my sister and brother and mom. (Followed by a 3 for page number.)

I'm guessing on "ballet"... I used the picture as a clue, and there could be a b/d reversal at the beginning of the word. I don't see any other evidence of b/d confusion in her writing, so I could be way off course :)