Friday, June 17, 2011

The End is Nigh

Today was the last full day of school. (Our kids always go home two and a half hours early on Mondays and they are only here for two and a half hours on Tuesday.) Somehow we were still in the middle of several big projects.

This morning we presented our Readers' Theaters to parents: check.

After that we made the table of contents and illustrated our non-fiction books: check.

We finished the narration about triangles for our shape movie: check.

Then we compiled all the powerpoint slides the kids had written captions for into one presentation: check.

Now if my classroom didn't look like the office of an absent-minded professor I might be feeling pretty good!


Rebecca said...

so impressed with all the learning happening on the last day of school! you're amazing. Today was my last day of school too! Yeah for summer vacation!

Sarah said...

I agree with Rebecca- you're amazing!! And good luck getting that classroom back in order! Welcome to summer break :D