Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Couple of Random Shots

Another first grade teacher received this card on Valentine's Day. Just for some background, she is not married. She received this card from one of her students. He was quite excited to give it to her and bugged her all day about opening the card, but as it was both Valentine's Day and the 100th Day of School, she was a bit busy and did not manage to do so until after school. I'm sure it will be a card she cherishes for many years.

In related news, another teacher received a small heart box with chocolate. It was one of those boxes that holds three pieces of chocolate. This one held one piece of chocolate, with a bite taken out. The other two spots where chocolate should have been held three little jelly beans each.

Just for the record, neither the card nor the gift are terribly surprising at our school.
This random assortment of stuff came out of my pocket after recess one day. Every Wednesday we have recess not on the playground but out on the blacktop and field behind our hallway. (This is because we are in P.E. during our regular recess time and the playground is full of fourth graders by the time we're free again.) On this recent Wednesday a student came running over to me with the dry erase marker. He had found it out on the field. I put it in my pocket figuring it was a handy little find. Not three minutes later a child ran over with the book of matches. Given that there were still fresh matches in it I added it to my pocket rather than simply send the student to the trash can with it.

At that point I was kind of hoping for one more amusing find because three things is so much funnier than two. However, as we are usually only out there for about 15 minutes and it's a pretty empty field, I didn't hold out much hope. Imagine my surprise when another child showed up with the can of coke, unopened no less. I took that as the sign to head back into the classroom because it could only go downhill from there (either to terribly dull litter being brought to me or to something truly dangerous - either way I was all for avoiding such an occurrence).

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