Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tidal Basin Field Trip Movies

Actually making use of all the pictures my students took on our field trip to the Tidal Basin is a challenge for me. Just taking the pictures could be enough - that is worth doing no matter what.

But I do like to do more with them. So we told the story of our field trip from beginning to end. Well, from the time we got off the bus until we got back on the bus because that was the time frame during which they had cameras.

The only guidance I gave them on this was to ensure that we talked about the right memorial to match the picture. Otherwise it was up to them.

Then they made their own. Most are still working on them but some have finished. I didn't do anything with these. These were done independently. The mics on some of our machines are not too great but we made do. These range in length from 25 seconds to more than 3 minutes.

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