Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Making a Major Change

This is my 16th year at my school. In that time I've taught three different grades, looped twice, taught our gifted and talented class, taught students with IEPs and students learning English. I've learned so much about teaching, school, students, and life. I work with the most amazing people. (That's truly not an exaggeration. I don't believe there is another staff as good as this one anywhere.)
In spite of all this, I'm planning to change schools. There are many different reasons for this. I feel that 16 years is a long time at one place and I need to move in order to grow. My oldest daughter is finishing her years at my school so it seems like a good time. And I'm terrified. Oddly enough that is one more reason for me to go, in my mind at least. (There are many more reasons, most of which don't need to be shared.)
This is the only place I've ever taught. Prior to this I substituted quite a bit between gigs on a cruise ship and after I left the ship, including one long-term job in a fifth grade. But this has really been my only school. That makes me a lucky one. I landed at an amazing spot from day one. 
My goal now is to find the next perfect school. I know I want it to be a Title I school. I'd like the school to have Reading Recovery and a well stocked reading room. In addition, I'd like to find a school that believes in the Responsive Classroom philosophy. 
What would you look for in a school? How would you know if you found it?

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