Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another View of our First Day

I can't remember ever being this exhausted. On our old calendar we started school on a Monday. In our district the kids go home early on Mondays to give elementary teachers equal planning time to middle and high school teachers. Starting on a Monday was great because it gave us a chance to get to know our students, their interests, attention spans, and such. Then we had Monday afternoon to make basic plans for the rest of the week.

Being back on a regular calendar we started on Tuesday this week. Not only did that mean a full day with the kids on the first day but then no real time for planning the rest of the week.

These pictures were taken in the first hour of our first day. We were making name tags for a variety of reasons. As I contemplate surviving the last bit of the week these pictures remind me of the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm with which we started the week and the year.


Frau M. said...

That first week always kicks my butt and takes my name.

Sarah said...

The first week is always SOO tiring! I'm sure it's packing an extra punch for you guys since switching over to a traditional calendar. Good luck with the transition!

Underground Teacher said...

Oh my! I totally understand. We are in the third week, I think, and I am still falling asleep sitting up.