Thursday, September 02, 2010

It's A Book by Lane Smith

I recently received a review copy of Lane Smith's newest, It's a Book from Macmillian Publishing. There's been a bit of controversy about the book (that link will explain the controversy but will also give away the best part of the book).

I'm not sure Smith wrote this one for kids, at least not in as general a way as his previous titles, John, Paul, George, and Ben or Madame President or any of his others. I've already bought a copy of this for my dad for his birthday because I think he may be the target audience. I know I loved it the minute I read it. I've read it about two dozen times now because I've taken it everywhere with me and made friend after friend read it. I like more and more each time.

I won't be using it with my first grade class, but I'll keep reading it and I'm likely to be giving it as gifts to other appreciative adults.

By the way, the book trailer is worth checking out. It'll give you the idea of the book without giving away the controversy.


Launa Hall said...

Loved the trailer. Thanks for the post on this one--I'm going to check it out.

Sarah said...

The trailer looks ADORABLE! I'm going to have to go check it out now and see why it's controversial.