Monday, May 02, 2011

My Love for VoiceThread

I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing I can't use VoiceThread for in the classroom. We've used in every subject area and commented on VoiceThreads from other classes. I love it. So, it's not surprising that I focused a post for the National History Education Clearinghouse on it. Some of what I describe there is shown in action through these videos as well. Of course, that's focused on just how to use VoiceThread in the area of history in the primary grades, but if you haven't explored VoiceThread it might be an easy introduction.

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debf said...

Hi Jenn~
I also LOVE, LOVE VoiceThread in my first grade classroom! The possibilities are endless! Thanks for sharing your National History Video links. I enjoyed listening to you talk about VT and how your kids respond and comment. I find many similarities in my room.My kids are OFTEN creating VT's and commenting,the quality is sometimes not as I would hope. But they are communicating and giving me a peak into those beautiful young minds! How can this be wrong?