Monday, May 09, 2011

Our (Sort-Of) Garden

For two years now I've been attempting to get a garden going in a space between our building and our modular building. I'm not a gardener, by any means, which is one of the things has held back our progress. Fortunately a fabulous fifth grade teacher has jumped in and he and his class have planted the trees in the middle.

The first day I take my darlings out to the garden I just give them a spade and show them where they can dig (which is just about anywhere since we've only tackled small areas for actually gardening). They just dig and see what they find. They love finding the roots of the weeds and the worms and bugs crawling all around. Clearly it's exhausting work if this little guy is any indication.

We went out for a second time last week and did some actual weeding. My hope is that we can clear the weeds along the sidewalk on one side because last year's class managed to plant day lilies there that are back. This end of the sidewalk (where I was working with some kids) got pretty well weeded, but we've still got a ways to go.

Finding a pretty day to get out there is sometimes a challenge. So we were out there after having the first grade Mother's Day tea that morning. Several girls were not dressed for weeding. They got some chalk and drew some flowers for us next to our garden instead.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll make something of a dent in this area this year!


Sarah said...

Looks like a fun project and a great way to get the kids outside and moving!!

Maggie said...

I just started getting your blog on my home page and I love reading it. I'm a teacher candidate and our instructor introduced us to it. Having the kids plant a garden is such a fun way to get them involved in the school environment, and improving the aesthetics is always a great uplifter when everyone is probably starting to feel ready for the school year to end. They must be feeling really proud of their work!

Research Paper said...

Looks tons of fun..