Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a Little Poetry Joy

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day. As I am not in my classroom at the moment I am relieved of the guilt I would be feeling about not doing anything with my students for today. Especially since another first grade teacher had her kids make darling little pockets out of felt to pin to their clothes and place a poem therein. I'll be stealing that idea for next year.

For the moment I've just been sharing the poetry joy with other teachers. I took my favorite Billy Collins poem and made copies which I have carried with me all day. (I don't have a pocket in my clothing today - a common problem for women and the reason I wear a lab coat when teaching - so I pinned a copy of this poem to the top of my skirt.) I have passed this poem on to anyone who wants a copy. Only one person chose not to take one. Others may have taken a copy because they didn't feel they could say no. However many have been excited by the idea. One person even emailed me a couple of other poems, ones he keeps in his memory pocket all the time. Awesome.

Here's the poem I've shared and carried with me today:


emet said...

Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

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