Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ten Years Can Be A Long Time

I spent some time this evening at a nearby library watching videos of myself teaching and taking notes for my National Board Certification renewal. At one point it struck me how different this process is from my initial certification ten years ago.

I recorded these lessons using a flip video camera. It's not fabulous cinematography but it's clear and understandable. It's also simple. Ten years ago I recorded on a camcorder. Again, not fabulous cinematography but clear and understandable. A lot more expensive however.

This evening I sat at the library, headphones on, watching myself teach and taking notes in Evernote on my iPad. I went to the library because I needed a space away from home (and my darling daughters) to focus and get some serious work done. Ten years ago that would have been impossible. I couldn't have watched my VHS tapes at the library. (Of course, ten years ago I didn't have my darling daughters so working at home was more feasible.)

One take-away from this is that teachers should be recording themselves teaching and watch it, reflect, learn, and grow. The hard part of that now is the emotional piece, not the mechanics.

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