Friday, April 06, 2012

Our Books in Our Library

This is one section of our classroom library. The books across the top shelf are in baskets by the author. There is a basket for Dr. Seuss, one for Mo Willems, one for Kevin Henkes, and one for Laura Numeroff. The shelves below have baskets for funny books, alphabet books, counting books, family books, friend books, and more. The last basket on the top row, next to Kevin Henkes' basket, is the one pictured here. These are books by us, we are the authors.
Early in the year the books going into this basket are the ones we write together. I take pictures of our interactive writings, the big books we create, and give each student a copy and put a copy in our classroom library.

 As the year moves on, we begin adding books the kids have written. They get placed in our classroom library after conferencing with a teacher and sharing their book (or other writing) using our document camera. I have students who are begging for conferences and the chance to share now in order to put another book in our classroom library. Some of these are kids who didn't have the stamina to write for more than a few minutes earlier in the year. They are incredibly motivated by the idea of having their book in our library near books by Mo Willems and Laura Numeroff.

I do have one fabulous little friend who insists that I make a copy of his books after he shares so that I can put one in our library and he can keep one to share at home. I've never had a student request that before and I love it.

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