Saturday, January 28, 2012

Big Day Ahead

After all the fun yesterday of seeing folks again and the panel discussion at the Franklin Institute making my head hurt by the end, it's hard to believe that today I've got to do an Encienda presentation (sometime around noon) and lead a conversation on the patterns in our thinking (at 1 pm).

The links above will take you to the Educon site if you are interested in joining us virtually. I'll get stuff from these session posted here sometime soon as well.

As always I'm having a tough time deciding where to be today (aside from my own sessions, of course). A good night's sleep helped but I've still got a lot of processing to do from last night and am sure to be compounding that in the next few hours.

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Christi said...

Can't wait to dig into your Educon links. Thanks for sharing. I tagged you on my blog today as I blogger I've been admiring for a while now. =)