Sunday, January 08, 2012

Need to Move

My husband, our daughters (8 and 5), and I started a family fitness class tonight. Four families were there with kids ranging from four to early teens. We did some activities/games inside and outside (as the weather is decidedly un-January-like). It was not an intense workout but it was certainly good exercise.

We did a couple of things I want to try in my classroom. One was a partner game of sorts. One person is the 'coach' and the other is the 'athlete.' Each person holds out an index finger. The coach moves (watching out for others in the room) and holds out their index finger and the athlete follows and touches their index finger (like ET). This continues with the coach moving slowly and holding out the index finger at various levels and angles. Then the partners switch. (I don't think I'm explaining it well but it was great.)

The second activity was individual. We walked around the space like ninjas, stepping as quietly as possible, toe to heel. At each step we balanced on that foot for a bit before taking the next step.

In my classroom we often spend some time getting our wiggles out with music. I have noticed that those kids who most need to wiggle often don't, they just stand there. I think this week I'll try these two activities and see if it manages to get everyone involved.

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