Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Educon 2.4 Here We Come

In just a couple of days we'll (my husband and I) be in Philadelphia for Educon 2.4. This will be my fourth year attending and his third. It says something significant about Educon that we attend together (and last year even led a session together). We both attend multiple conferences each year but there is no overlap outside of Educon. He is a college professor and I teach first graders. Our professional lives are not that different but our conferences often are. Educon works for us both.

I'll be leading a session at 1:30 on Saturday about the patterns in our thinking. It's similar to the presentation I gave at the National Council on the Social Studies annual conference last month, but tailored for this crowd and this structure.

The folks running Educon (mostly students at SLA and some parents) do a fabulous job of streaming the sessions live. So if you can't be there but are interested, check out the Educon site Saturday afternoon and join us.

During lunch that day I'll be doing an Encienda as well. These are five minute highly structured presentations. You create a twenty slide PowerPoint that auto-advances every 15 seconds. This will be the third year I've done one of these because I've found I love this style of presentation. This year's focus is on giving students meaningful choice in school. More and more I've noticed that most of the choice we offer students is pseudo-choice at best. I have no idea if the Enciendas will be streamed but they have been great fun to watch and give in the past.

If you'll be in Philly I look forward to seeing you. If you can't make it, checking out the streaming this weekend will be well worth your time.

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