Thursday, January 19, 2012

From the Mouths of (Slightly Older) Babes

A former student of mine, now a third grader, had a rough day yesterday. Apparently at one point she ran away, out of the building. An instructional assistant followed and the young lady proceeded to roll around on the ground.

The IA asked, "Do I need to take you to talk to the principal?"

The student stopped rolling, whipped her hair back and replied, "The principal can come and talk to me!"

When our principal shared this with me today, I cracked up. As did she. However, it got better. She searched out this student today (having not seen her yesterday) and asked, "I hear you made a comment yesterday that I might be interested in..."

The student looked sheepish, whipped her hair back (of course), and said, "What I MEANT was 'Could you please go get the principal so I can talk to her because I'm having a hard day.'"

I love this girl, as exhausting as she may be, and I love my principal because she loves this little firebrand too.

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Angel Read said...

I love that the little girl wanted to talk to the principal when she was having a bad day! When I was a kid, the principal was the one you wanted to AVOID on your worst days!