Friday, January 13, 2012

My Nerdy Book Club Guest Post

My guest post, Supporting Pre-Nerdy Readers, is up on Nerdy Book Club. I wrote about a couple of things I do at the start of the year to support my first graders growth into nerdy readers. Interestingly enough the one comment already there is from a high school teacher connecting what she does to what I describe. While, in theory I believe that good teaching is good teaching, it's still always surprising to me to realize how similar my first grade classroom can be to middle, high school and college classrooms. I hope the comments continue and keep pushing my thinking about this.


Anonymous said...

I read your Nerdy Book Club post, and as a first grade teacher I found your idea just what I needed to begin the second semester of the year. With the varying levels of readers, I still have some students that are lacking the skills and really are prereaders who need the beginning of the year support so they can get to the point when their skills finally click. I will use your idea to show them books that are in our own class booknook. Some of these prereaders just don't know how to pick good fit books. I hope, after seeing and listening to the books they can find some to read. Thanks for sharing.

doyle said...

Dear Jenny,

I steal my best ideas from the elementary folks!