Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great Blog Title: Nerdy Book Club

I try not to add feeds to my google reader very often. I don't know how many feeds I follow (some no longer post so the number isn't as meaningful as it could be anyway) but it tops 200. The bar to get added has gotten higher and higher over the years. I do delete feeds but not as quickly as I've added them.

The most recent addition to my list is Nerdy Book Club. The site is coordinated by three teachers, people actually in the classroom! One is Donalyn Miller, the author of The Book Whisperer, a book that is still on my to-be-read list but that I have heard raves about for some time now. I need to get it read soon because I'll get the chance to hear her speak at the Language and Learning Conference at GMU in March.

Last week the lovely teachers at Nerdy Book Club put out a google form inviting folks to write guest posts for the blog. I had an idea for a post I thought would be a good fit so I filled out the form. I didn't expect anything to happen too quickly so it didn't feel like a huge investment. Well, within a couple of days I had heard from Colby Sharp, another of the teachers coordinating the blog.

Long story short, my post for their Pay It Forward Friday about how I start the year with pre-readers and help them become independent lovers of books will be up on Friday. I'll link to it then but the site is worth checking out anytime.

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