Thinking About Thinking Skills: Not How, But What

Information from presentation at NCSS 2011 in Washington, D.C., Educon 2.4 in Philadelphia and VCTM 2012 in Roanoke, Virginia
The Educon conversation can be viewed here or here.
The ideas here stem from Dr. Derek Cabrera. More information is here.

Thinking through history one might consider the identity of our 13 original colonies - brainstorm what the colonies were and what they were not.

Again, considering the 13 original colonies, what were the parts of the colonies? What were the colonies part of?

Consider the relationships between the original 13 colonies and Great Britain or between various colonies.

What was the perspective of colonists on Great Britain? How did that perspective differ among colonists who yearned for independence versus those who remained loyal to their home country? What was the perspective of Great Britain on the various colonists?

For more information, check out the DSRP site with links to more information, more videos, and contact information for Dr. Derek Cabrera and Dr. Laura Colosi.