Sunday, August 05, 2007

One Week Down

It's astounding how quickly time passes in an elementary school. We've finished the first week already.

This year I managed to get through the entire first week without teaching any content. It may be the first time I've done that. We organized supplies and got everything set up to facilitate our learning this year. We've read a lot of books together. We've had many discussions about books and organization. We've played math games and talked about strategies. We've had morning meetings in which we shared about ourselves. And we've done lots of teamwork activities together.

Next week we'll get started with some curriculum, but not too much. I firmly believe that I've built a better foundation for our year than I ever did before.

We'll see if that holds true as the year continues.

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Megan Germano said...

It is all about that bonding thing the first week. Laying the groundwork and becoming a little family. It is by far the best thing to do... ever. I always see these classes where everyone and everything is running amuck and I think to myself, "thank God that is not my class." :D