Saturday, January 12, 2008

Annual Report

dy/dan has put up a design challenge to create your own annual report. He did a previous contest, the Four Slides Sales Pitch, which fascinated me. I lacked the time and confidence to enter that contest. I refused to let that stop me this time.

I'm not happy with this as a final annual report, but time constraints require that I stop. I'm actually glad of those time constraints because I think I could spend a ridiculous amount of time on this. I will say that the more I do, the better I start to see ways to improve presenting what I want to say. I still have a ton to learn, but this has pushed me in a good way and I've really enjoyed it.

2007 was the year I really started blogging. I was on maternity leave from January on into April and took that time to get serious about reading and writing blogs. It was interesting to look back at what I've written and reflect on what I've learned through it.

With two children I've done a lot of reading of children's books this year.

Looking at this year through statistics got me thinking about the physical side of teaching elementary school.

Finally, after the birth of my second daughter I felt a need to get back in shape and lose weight. It felt good to look at the year this way.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, this is so great that you participated. We'll have to write about it on In Practice.