Sunday, April 13, 2008

Love That School

I've got three more weeks out of the classroom while an intern completes student teaching. There are five of us in this position and we're keeping ourselves busy. This is just another reminder to me of why I love my school.

Here's our to do list for these four weeks:
  • reorganize and clean up the upstairs workroom (completed beautifully by a couple of teachers in the first two days)
  • make a welcome video for new students and their families - narrated by students
  • reorganize all of the math manipulatives in our math trailer (this may involve some reorganizing in another room in the building too so that we can move materials there)
  • decorate and make our teachers' lounge more welcoming and warm
  • help gather evidence and organize information for our state alternative assessment
Only one of those chores was assigned to us by the administration. We have principals that respect us as professionals and allow us to set our own agendas, knowing that what we do will benefit the staff.

In previous years we have reorganized our book room, pulled small groups for remediation, created book lists for teaching different strategies in reading and writing, and many other activities. Again, none required by our administration. I often forget that this is not the norm.

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