Thursday, May 01, 2008

Updated Teachers' Lounge

I, along with five other teachers, have been out of the classroom for four weeks while interns completed their independent teaching. We've had a lot of freedom to work on projects of our own interests around the school during this time. One thing we decided was important to us was making our teachers' lounge more comfortable and a better place for relaxing.

We didn't do much (not a lot of money available). We got a couple of couches off of freecycle, tables donated from teachers, some plants (fake, because really, who would take care of them), new curtains and fabric for the bulletin board, and paint. Our principal found money for the paint, fabric, and some plants. It's not a luxury lounge by any means, but it is an improvement.

We also painted the two bathrooms attached to our lounge. We had chosen three possible colors for the lounge and painted quick swatches on the walls so that teachers could vote on their choice. We used the rest of the two losing paints for the bathrooms so that we did not waste any paint. (The colors look shockingly similar in these pictures, but there is a wide range of greens here.)


Anonymous said...

I am just curious...

when I did my practice teaching, I was not allowed to be alone in the room without a certified teacher. (this was in New Jersey) If my co-op teacher was absent, they had to hire someone to be with me. Why don't you have to be there to supervise?

Jenny said...

@ alotalot My student teaching was the same way. I hated that a sub was paid to just sit there while I taught on days my cooperating teacher was out.

This program is different. The student teachers are in our building from the first day of school to the last. They spend the first half of the year in one grade level and the second half in a complimentary grade level (upper and primary). A professor is in once a week doing observations and leads after schools seminars every other week. By the time they get to their independent teaching they've been vetted. They don't get to do it unless everyone is sure they're ready.

I went in a few times during the four weeks. Twice to do formal observations and a couple of other times just to see the fun stuff they were doing. But, the great majority of the time, I was out doing other things.

Unknown said...

Since I student taught for 16 weeks, I was required to teach BY MYSELF for 6 weeks with NO ONE in the room. I planned the lessons and turned them into the supervising teacher. She had to be in the school. It is probably a similar situation.