Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What 'first' would you like to see?

After Obama claimed the nomination yesterday I felt this was a moment in history to discuss with my students. My morning message explained the details and then asked, "What 'first' would you like to see happen?"

They struggled a bit with the question, but once they got going they were on a roll. Some of their answers were quite serious:
  • a president who cares about global warning
  • all weapons destroyed
  • a law that requires all endangered animals have reserved areas to live on
  • an NFL for women
Others were absurd:
  • a house made out of marshmallows that could bounce all over
  • kids getting paid to go to school or for doing nothing
Some were serious, but highly unlikely:
  • a time machine
  • cloning endangered animals to save the species
It made for a fascinating morning meeting.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the endangered animals could live in the marshmallow house? Win-win.

damned_cat said...

and that's another reason I love fifth: a growing global awareness, yet a lingering desire for things like bouncy marshmallow houses.