Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Primary Purpose

We have a very local election today (a district seat on our county board of supervisors) so folks have been in and out of the building all day voting. I've actually been really impressed with the number of people.

I was less impressed, however, with what I just overheard. After dropping off my students in music I saw a man and woman, probably in their thirties, walking towards our parent center to vote. He said to her, "Other than November, obviously, this is used primarily for school rather than for elections."

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Anonymous said...

f ever you doubted that schools need a PR/Communications department to help education parents and non-parents about what the district does, let this set you straight. :)

Imagine what it's like trying to pass a bond election. The superintendents identify how much money they need, and then you have to make sure that enough voters understand that need and vote yes...while the media features every mistake and very few of the successes. If the PR people can't inform enough voters of the need, then you're stuck with portable classrooms, 6-year-old computers, and other insufficient resources.