Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank You, Sarah!

Recently (although not as recently as I'd like it to have been) Sarah over at Confessions of an Untenured Teacher passed on to me a lovely award. I've kept the post open in a tab for more than two weeks now, both to help me remember to pass it on and because it just makes me happy to see it! Sarah constantly makes me laugh and think. That's hard to beat.

I follow hundreds of blogs so choosing just five to highlight is a tough job. I've decided not to note all my fabulous co-workers because picking only five would be completely impossible. So, here are five of my favorites!

Science Goddess at What It's Like on the Inside has done a variety of different things in the education world and she writes about anything knowledgeably. I especially enjoy it when she writes about grading.

Kathy Cassidy at Primary Preoccupation is one of several primary teachers who have been incredible guides for me as I moved from upper grades to first grade. She is one of the most generous, thoughtful teachers around.

Tom at Bionic Teaching frequently makes me laugh which I appreciate as I am being pushed to think about how to improve what I do in the classroom.

Doyle at Science Teacher is brilliant. I learn science and philosophy in every one of his posts. Plus, when he shares bits about his past as a doctor I see into another world.

Jim at Teacherninja is about to be a school librarian. He writes about books, critical thinking, current events, and just about anything else. And well.

When these folks' blogs show up in my reader with new posts I know I'm in for a treat.


The Science Goddess said...

What an honour! Thank you so much for thinking of me. :)

Sarah said...

Yay! I enjoyed discovering some new blogs on your list :)

Kara said...

Thanks! I am a fairly new follower and really enjoy your site. I especially LOVE Kathy Cassidy's blog, so many great ideas-very inspiring. I was lucky enough to have Tom @ bionic teaching for a technology integration class as part of my teacher licensing program, he has a great perspective!