Thursday, August 05, 2010

Classroom Makeover

I should wait to share pictures of my recent work in the classroom for when I've got it all set up and looking good, but I can't. After eight hours of painting over the past three days I am so excited by my new, blue wall that I have to show it off!

That's the view (cluttered by lots of junk) when you first walk in my classroom. I've wanted to paint one wall of my room for some time now. My administrators had no problem with the idea. I was just lazy.

I love this time before school starts. Everything is possible.


Mamie said...

It looks great! Some teachers in older schools in our district have been able to paint their walls (in colors), but as my school is only going in to it'd 5th year, AND my principal and custodian are both OCD when it comes to cleanliness, etc. (mostly a good attribute), I don;t think I'll have a colorful wall anytime soon. Enjoy!

Kristen said...

I love teh color of the wall and I am super jealous of the view you have outside your window. Trees! I have views of the brown grassy field or the blacktop going to the other classes. Not good at all! Oh, and if I look hard, I see the brown hills. Lovely Southern California!

Launa Hall said...

Great color! Well done! Your students are going to love it.