Monday, August 29, 2011

Today and Tomorrow

Today was the first day back for teachers. That's usually one of my favorite days of the year. Everyone is back, chatting about their summer activities, tired maybe but mostly excited about the year. Plus, I've usually already spent a few days getting my room ready so I don't feel really stressed about the year yet.

Today didn't go that way this year. For a variety of reasons today was more stressful than fun. One part was that my oldest daughter was feeling just as stressful as I was.

Today I spent a bunch of time talking to her about focusing on the positives. About how she has more control over her emotional state than she realizes. About how she can make things work or not work depending on how she goes into it.

Today I forgot all that for myself. I got caught up in all my stress, frustration, and anxiety.

Tomorrow I will remember what I told her. Tomorrow will be better.


Teachermum said...

Of course tomorrow will be better. I certainly hope it is.

I have awarded you with a Versatile Blogger Award because I really enjoy reading your posts and I appreciate the support you have given my blog.

You can find the link to my post over here:

Sarah said...

Yes, tomorrow will be better!! Sorry for your stressful day, though!

Jill Fisch said...


I am way behind on my blog reading but I am glad that I caught this one. I just want to say: "Been There, Done That" and "You are absolutely correct - tomorrow will be better." Hang in there.