Sunday, November 13, 2011

Animated Words

Practicing writing high frequency words is an important job in first grade. It also tends to be a pretty boring job. We write them in rainbows using colored pencils, using doodle pros, with dry erase markers on plastic display stands and with light on a glow station.

That's great for a few weeks but it gets dull pretty quick. So, to mix things up and keep them interesting we've added animating words. Using FableVision's Animationish kids take turns during language arts workshop animating the words we are studying that week. It requires writing the word at least two times, most write it three times. Then they watch the animation as well.

I love playing around in Animationish and I know we'll be using it in a lot of other ways throughout the year.


Miss Angel said...

Thats awesome! I'll have to share this with my technology in sped professor.

marg said...

This looks like a lot of fun! My daughter's 3rd grade teacher allows them to practice their spelling words in any form they want. She's written them in pudding with her finger, used her body to spell them out on the trampoline, painted them on her easel... I'm thinking this would be another great way to keep her excited about practicing her spelling words.

Geoanna said...

What a great way to practice writing! Considering that it requires the students to write the word at least two times it is great practice. I am sure they want to write it more than twice so they can create a longer animation. I can see many applications for this Animation-ish program, and not just for first graders. Thank you for giving me new ideas!