Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I Learned from Grapefruit

Last Christmas I felt like an adult. For years my grandparents have sent my parents a large box of grapefruit around Christmas. This past year I received my own box.

I was so excited (apparently late 30s is a great time to feel like an adult) I mentioned my box of grapefruit to my mom. She immediately offered to cut them up for me. In fact, she even offered to have my sister help; the sister who would be arriving soon from California. I graciously (I hope) declined. My theory was that if I was enough of a grown-up to receive my own box of grapefruit I was sure I was enough of a grown-up to cut them up myself.

With further thought I  began to suspect that my mom was a bit worried that I didn't have time to cut up the grapefruit. I believe she thinks I may be a bit overextended.

My sister (the one coming from California who was volunteered) agrees with mom that I'm a bit overextended. She's takes a pretty pragmatic view on it, however. She believes that I make my own choices and if I'm busy it's because I've chosen to be.

She's right. Both that I'm a bit overextended and that it is my own choice to be that way.

I did manage to cut up the grapefruit on my own and it was delicious. Maybe I truly am an adult.

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