Sunday, August 26, 2012

Advice for Working with Pre-Service Teachers

As the year begins there are many pre-service teachers starting their student teaching or internships. I'm curious to know what you have seen or done that can make things smoother or better for pre-service teachers. Any ideas, tips, thoughts...anything! Please share!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I know you're a fan of using VoiceThread in your classroom, and many districts also use VoiceThread for PD or with new teachers.

I've seen many VT's of new teachers who create lesson plans, address issues, and work together with mentor teachers inside a VT. This allows everyone to participate (pre-service teacher, mentor teacher, principal, and also the university professor) in helping the pre-service teacher. It also facilitates cross-district relationships and expands the circle of mentoring outside of the building!

Best wishes!

Jenny said...

Amanda, thank you so much for that suggestion. Using VT in that way had never occurred to me but it is something we'll have to talk about.

teacherninja said...

Don't forget that the School Librarian is here to help. We know where to find good lesson plans, can help you find great resources and know lots of great websites, blogs, etc to keep you going. We don't mind being asked to help first year teachers with pretty much anything they need. Really!

Alex T. Valencic said...

Encourage them to get to know the class! Walk around, talk to the students, offer to help when they have questions, and try to relax! The first few weeks can be nerve-wracking; make sure they are comfortable and let them guide the pace (at least at the beginning). Some are ready to teach a math lesson the first day. Some need a week or two to get over the jitters. Stretch them without pushing them off the edge. And share not just what you are doing and why you are doing it, but how you feel about it.

luckeyfrog said...

After they've seen you teach for a couple of weeks, find a reason to be absent and let them take over the sub plans. My student teaching supervisor did this, and it was wonderful to read her detailed plans, like those she would leave for a sub, with all of the normal procedures and things. It was a great way to get acclimated to how things are usually done in the room without having to do it all myself yet!

I also suggest that you make sure (if it's not already part of their program) that you have your student teacher visit other classrooms. They need to have a notebook of "ideas for my own classroom" to collect ideas.

And DEFINITELY make sure they bring a camera to school. You should take some pictures of the intern working with kids, but it's also so important for the student teacher to take pictures of projects, bulletin boards, and activities led- as WELL as snapping photos of ideas from other classrooms! :)

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