Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Hopes and Dreams

 One of the first things we do every year is to think about our hopes and dreams (this is a Responsive Classroom thing).Asking six year olds what they hope to have happen this year is quite a question.

This year the big answer was, "I hope to be a faster runner." One child said it and then quite a few thought that sounded like a great idea. Get on that P.E. teachers!

We draw pictures of our hopes coming true and hang them up as a reminder all year. I love that they are on clouds and therefore look fabulous on our blue wall.

After we share our hopes for the year we use them to create classroom rules. We talk about how we can help each other achieve their hopes. The rules always turn out about the same. (One year I did have a child suggest, "Be the best first grade class ever." That seemed like it pretty well covered everything.)

This year our rules are:
- Treat people kindly.
- Help people.
- Treat things kindly.

If we all lived that way we'd have a pretty great place to be.


PrincipalArc said...

We are an RC school, too. I love walking through all of our classrooms and seeing the Hopes and Dreams of our children. We had our "Constitutional Convention" this year and came up wih our school rules. They are:
Be Respecfful
Be Responsible
Take care of Bear Tavern
Be a Bucket Filler

I love your post and think that your children are fortunate to have you for a teacher!

Jenny said...

Bruce, I wish I could have seen your "Constitutional Convention." The idea is so powerful. I love that being a bucket filler is one of your rules!