Monday, October 29, 2012

Reason #732 Why I Love My school

Here are two notes I received this past week. The first was written at the bottom of a permission slip about a student's participation in a social skills group with our counselor. The parent gave permission and added this note:
"I don't know how to thank School Management because of all these hard work. Elementary is the best school."
(I changed the italicized words so that they don't name my school. I did the same with the following note to not name the student.)

This note was to me from a parent after his son received a postcard from me.
From Awesome Student- Father -
To Mrs. Orr Jennifer.
Thanks for the wonderful card that we received last week, Awesome Student is so lucky to have you as a great teacher, he loves you so much:
one more thing, Awesome Student he will miss you this Friday October 26th for a special holiday.
Thanks again
Awesome Student Father
I did not change the language in these notes because it impresses me so much that these parents are so invested in their children's schooling that they will write these notes with whatever English language ability they have gained so far. I love working at my school. Our students and families are fabulous.


Miss Angel said...

That is great that they take the time to write to you! A lot of times we only get to hear from parents when they are upset or confused about something. You must really make an impression on them, for them to sit down and write a note of praise!

Jenny said...

Angel Read, You're right, I am so lucky that they write to me. I hadn't really thought about it but you are so right. Thank you for pointing that out.