Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Banning Fluorescents

Thanks to the inspiration of some fabulous colleagues in my building I have been slowly moving toward never turning on my overhead lights. A few years ago I bought a couple of small, table lamps from Ikea for cheap.

They didn't light up the room but did add some nice ambiance. The silver lamp up front in this picture was passed on by a colleague when she decided it wasn't working the way she wanted in her classroom. It gives off some great light.

This year I decided to buy a floor lamp like many teachers in my building and see how that works. When I went to get one they were on sale so I bought two. Of course.

I've got one on each side of my room and they do a pretty good job, even this time of year with our dark, dreary days.

This weekend we put up the Christmas decorations at our house and I decided to bring some lights to school. They were bought post-Christmas one year because I couldn't pass up the discount but they have never been used. (We have lots of white lights because we got married in late December and decorated the reception hall with Christmas trees as well as lights on the stairwells and bushes outside.) These lights made my class ooh and aah today when I plugged them in.

There are still two boxes at home and I think I'll bring them in to put up on the other side of the room. The inspiration for this came from another wonderful teacher whose white lights I see as I pass her room regularly.

Now our lighting seems complete.

We almost never have all of our overhead lights on. Typically I flip one of our two switches but at times we don't have either on. Hopefully we can do that even more often. Our room feels so much cozier, calmer, and more welcoming this way.


Miss Angel said...

I really love your lamps and Christmas lights! They make your classroom look so homelike!

teacherninja said...

Enjoy it. We're not allowed. Our Fire Marshall has outlawed all lamps, Xmas lights, etc. We did have some teachers who hung fabric under the florescents to mute them, but then they were told to take them down because of testing. Yes, testing. Turns out you can't have a "modified environment" or some such nonsense so everyone has to have the same horrible lighting. I still defiantly have a lamp in my office, though and some teachers turn off half the lights and leave their never-used-for-anything-else overhead projectors on as a "lamp." Heh heh.