Monday, March 18, 2013


To kick off a recent day-long workshop we watched a video about a middle school girl who collapsed and her P.E. teachers saved her. The video is powerful and it's a great story.

The point of it, in our workshop, was to make connections to interventions. The idea being that the P.E. teachers intervened for this girl and we need to intervene to help students reach benchmarks. The more I thought about it the more it seemed like a serious stretch.

There is no question that the teachers saved the girls life. Without them she had no chance. But the same could be said for the doctors. The teachers made it possible for her to survive until the doctors could take over. The long-term life saving was done by the doctors.

I'm not sure where that leaves me in the analogy. I feel like there should be some big aha here. Instead, I'm just frustrated that this video was used in a way that feels very manipulative.

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