Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers' Day

I am very, very lucky. I am blessed with a mom (and a dad) who encouraged, supported, pushed me. She held high expectations. She offered me everything I needed to meet those high expectations. She still does.

I am blessed with two (mostly) healthy daughters who make me proud, make me laugh, make my life better. Every single day.

For me, Mothers' Day is a delight. I spend it with my daughters, enjoying the homemade gifts they so eagerly bring me. If I'm lucky I also get to spend it with my mother or my amazing mother-in-law.

This year, however, I am struck by the complications surrounding Mothers' Day. Not everyone is as lucky as I, unfortunately.

I think of all the women who would like to be mothers and are not, for whatever reason.

I think of a good friend, a mature, wise adult who lost her mother a couple of years ago.

I think of a little girl I know who lives with an aunt and uncle because her mother can not care for her.

I think of a little boy I know whose mother died a couple of years ago.

Is this day anything more than painful for them? Is it anything but salt in an already painful wound? Are there not better ways to celebrate mothers and all the other amazing people who care for us?


Michelle said...

As someone who longs to be a mother, this day can be very challenging and sometimes painful. This year I decided to find some joy and surprise my mother and aunts with a quick visit.

Happy Mother's Day to you and thank you for recognizing those that aren't or can't celebrate. It's appreciated!

Jenny said...

Michelle, I can only imagine how difficult Mothers' Day can be. Your mother and aunt must have been thrilled to see you! (I hope I get to see you again soon!)

Michelle Haseltine said...

It was a terrific surprise! Thanks so much. I'd love to get together again soon! Have a great end of the school year!