Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reasons for My Exhaustion

There are about a dozen drafts waiting here from the past couple of weeks. Most of them are slightly cryptic one or two sentence drafts. Things I didn't want to forget in the chaos of the end of the school year and really wanted to ponder more. In the next week or so I'll have to see if I can figure out exactly what it was I wanted to reflect on and write about. We'll see how well that goes.

For the moment, I thought I'd share some of the reasons those are all drafts and not actually posts. As is so often the case with me, I had several big, time-consuming projects going at the end of the year. In math each student created a movie about graphs and a movie about a number sentence. For the graphs one they had to survey their classmates, create the graph (from a template), and describe it. For the other I had put a number sentence (an addition or subtraction problem) in for them and they had to tell and illustrate a story to match the sentence.

During our language arts time we had two projects going. One was creating a scrapbook of our year. I put pictures from the year into Word and the students captioned them. They managed to caption 73 (I think) pictures. Some are, not surprisingly, better than others. Often their captions do not capture what I remember from the moment. It gives me a new perspective on our year. 

Our final project involved the books we have read this year. Whenever I read a book aloud to the class I take a picture of the cover and post them all on a bulletin board in our room. It's a great visual reminder of all the books we have read. Here it was very early in the year.

Rather than just throw all these covers away at the end of the year, I take them down and the kids make a book of reviews from them. They pick a title they liked, glue it on a page, and write a review of it. Then we have a book for next year's first graders to enjoy.

Between those projects, school and grade-wide end of the year activities, and packing up my classroom (which is about 98% complete), my brain and body are wiped out.

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