Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visually Amusing

Yesterday I found myself amused numerous times throughout the day (which was fortunate because it wasn't a highly successful day in my classroom, mostly because of me).

It began on our drive to school. We passed a sporty little black car that had been pulled over for a traffic violation. It's license plate was F-16 Jet. If you're going to drive a car like that and even draw more attention with that license plate, you might want to be extra careful about your speed.

At school another first grade teacher shared a piece of her student's writing that made us all laugh out loud. First graders often inadvertently write things that crack us up as they write down the sounds they hear in words. English is tough.

At recess I watched another first grade class line up. This class has some tiny little cuties in it and one shirt caught our eye. It said 'My game is super sized' but the super sized part was written in big font and really stood out. I snapped a quick shot of that little guy beside one of his classmates.

Finally, watching one more first grade class walk back from lunch I saw a boy with an ice pack on his head, nursing a boo-boo. Right in front of him in line was another boy, this one wearing a shirt with a bat on it that said, 'I may be small, but I still bite.' I'm sure that was just coincidental, but...

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