Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things I've Learned This Week

  • First graders are surprisingly transparent. They haven't learned to hide things or act certain ways for their friends.
  • Eighteen first graders can spread out over sixty feet as they walk down a hall in a line.
  • First graders can't sit still for a lesson, but will just stand around when given the chance to 'get their wiggles out'.
  • Everything is exciting to a first grader if phrased in the right way, even a math assessment.
  • Anything can be a game with first graders, counting, learning names, practicing routines, and more.
  • First graders can wear you out, even when you have lots of support and help!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having quite a week--I've always felt that K/1 teachers should get paid MORE than any other level K-12....but what a trip you have in front of grade level changes more in the course of a year than those 1sts....I hope you are taking LOTS of you can really look back (and if you want help, just yell--I'd love to come take pix of the kids)

Tracey said...

Sounds like an exciting start to an exciting year!

Doug Noon said...

Jenny, I'm enjoying your observations of working at the primary level. I taught first and second for 14 years (actually only two years at first). First grade is a specialty area, I think. I switched from second to sixth and I was amazed that the floor wasn't covered with crumbs after lunch time. Hang in there and have fun.

Mrs. Johnson said...

Isn't it amazing how everything can be fun and exciting. I hated bathroom breaks with preschoolers but if I said it in a certain way it seemed like an adventure. Well almost everything is an adventure actually. Aren't they sweet?

Mandy said...

I can't even imagine teaching first graders! Although your first one- they haven't learned how to act a certain way for their friends- seems like bliss to me! Fifth graders are all about pleasing their friends, which makes them a tricky bunch!